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April 26, 2017   
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Author Title Rating
Ayriana Benz brothers of the moon
a story about vampires and werewolves it is only chapter one and the intro thus far...
Andrew Ibisate NIBIRU: THE END OF THE WORLD IN 2012?
Few people are claiming that an unknown planet called Nibiru will pass close enough to Earth in 2012, the end of the Mayan calendarócausing the earth to flip over and create huge disasters. Does this planet exist?
Gene C. Lasch High Adventures
True Life "High Encounters" by author
sheryl joy ola?o I Am Human. I Yearn...Endlessly.
I long for a lot of things... including freedom.
sheryl joy ola?o Lonely Sea
a tale of the sea
sheryl joy ola?o Once Upon A Time
unfinished business
sheryl joy ola?o Where Has Love Gone?
...the forgetting phase
sheryl joy ola?o The Words Have Left Me
When a writer loses his voice...
Omotayo Olaoye Sick World
This World is sick and getting old. The end is at hand.
Martha Smithe Phoenix's Dream Sequence.
"Precognitive dreams are a nuisance of a thing to have when slumber brings you nothing but nightmares." This selection is a snippet of my current project, which completely redefines the phrase, "work in progress".
sheryl joy ola?o No Goodbyes
To my father... thank you.
sheryl joy ola?o Telling My Son
"We can't always do the things we can."
a cancer patient's story...
sheryl joy ola?o How Can I Tell You
only one truth to tell...
Trudy Richardson The Price of the Trip
The road trip of a young girl after the death of her baby
Rachelle Arlin Credo Chimera
Rachelle Arlin Credo A Heaven of Sand and Stones
a choice between love or riches
sheryl joy ola?o The Writer
They say...I'm a dreamer
sheryl joy ola?o Mum
when father died...
sheryl joy ola?o The Voice On The Phone
...for my heart seeks what my eyes couldn't see...
Bryan Clayton The Way of a Nightmare
sheryl joy ola?o Poseidon's Call
to the expressive sea
sheryl joy ola?o You
you...a kaleidoscope of heaven and pain...
sheryl joy ola?o Furious Heart
when a heart gets broken...
sheryl joy ola?o 22 Steps to Poetry
Writing poetry is like dressing up - you consider the style, the cut and accessory and harmonize them with a touch of good taste.
Alisha Cox Fall With You
You want to fall? Well, I will fall with you. (please R&R)